paver patio with bench seat wall

simple patio with seat wall

paver patio, fire pit kit, seat wall

fire pit, bench with columns paver patio

simple bench with columns on paver patio with fire pit kit

colorful concrete paver patio

probably the most colorful paver option available. it allows color match with a broad variety of out door furniture

rock slab steps and paver patio

several different elements were used to turn this muddy corner into a nice looking area

large paver patio

the radiused edge of the patio matched the screen porch openings

knee wall paver patio with columns

expand your patio with style

knee wall with columns and pavers

still under construction but really looking nice

columns were built to tie the walls together on this project

seat wall patio wall

Weston wall and Cambridge cobble pavers were complimentary colors

ahh!! the finished look colorful browns and tans with overhanging caps on columns and knee wall

patio seat wall with columns

a closeup can help with visualizing the details

paver patio with knee wall and columns

patio is now more than twice what they had and has a seat wall around most of it for guests